Monday, October 2, 2017

I absolutely loved conference!!!

 General conference was amazing and the days leading up to it were exciting. We encouraged all of our members and less actives to watch it. What a blessing it was to hear from the apostles. I have such a long way to go and at times it can seem overwhelming. But it is not enough just to love as said in general conference. It requires action. I am filled with tears to think of those in my life who showed me exceeding love and didn't fail to possess their humility to show it.
I'm thankful for Him who has made it so that I can turn my love for him into action. At times I have thought of my prayers like I was asking for help from a mother for assistance on her mother's day card. And in reality I have realized when we ask for help to keep the commandments we are doing that exact same thing. I am so thankful for a Heavenly parent that is so willing to help me show my love for him, just because I'm willing to try.
I know I need to do more on my path of discipleship. There seem to be no Plateaus in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we stay on the path we move ever upward until we reach our heavenly goal; our heavenly home. It is an upward climb that needs to take effort, as Uchtdorf and Holland said in this General Conference.We need to love Him, Cherish Him and follow Him. And use His atoning sacrifice. There is no eternal everlasting improvement without Christ. He is our Savior, and the only way we truly love and appreciate him is to use his atonement."If ye love me keep my commandments." (John14:16) We do not truly love him until we keep his commandments.
However hard we strive to do this determines not only our love for him, but who we become.
I must be the most imperfect person you'll ever read from or hear about. But I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly parent striving to do His best to help me, even when I may not do my best to help Him. He should be slow to hear me or even help me in the smallest detail of my day. Yet I am sure he does. An apostle of the Lord said so~Rasband. I will never fully understand why. It may be because I am his son. It may because any loving father would run to the aid of the son he sees stumbling the most. Or maybe most of all, it is becuase the light and life of the lord sacrificed himself just for me, and wants me to return home. More than anything he has ever done or created. He wants us to return home more than the earth he formed to prosper. I am sure he would burn the whole earth if he could save but a few of his children, plants animals and all. Because all humans are His sons and daughters. The house he provides could matter less. He cares for it, But he cares more for us.
How grateful to know I can forever keep trying no matter how many times it may take, which are many.
Brothers, Sisters, family members and friends. Know this. God loves you. He knows you by name. And he wants you to come home. This was and will forver be his mission and commission. To bring to pass the immortality of eternal life of man. And to do it in the best way that suits you possible. However many times it may take to turn closer, however many steps you haven't taken and need to take. Take them. "Let's strive for steady performance"~Holland
"Holliness to the Lord"~Christofferson
Hurrah for Israel! Elder Clark